Yevgeny Kutik on Practicing

‘Practice’ has become a very misleading word. What is practice? It took me a very long time to figure this out. As an advanced student, practice is often little more than playing the violin for long hours, repeating motions to build muscle memory, and attempting to correct mistakes (which often go unnoticed) over and over again. It’s mindless and painfully boring – but frankly, easy. Dissecting and rebuilding technical issues step-by-step, making instantaneous corrections and decisions, structuring your time effectively, learning how to convey an idea — this is incredibly hard work. It also happens to be the better definition of ‘practice.’ Good practice is incredibly hard work.

Violinist Yevgeny Kutik’s words on listening as a path towards developing objectivity in the practice room will be useful to many of us who fill practice sessions with repetition rather than awareness.

Effective practice is an art form that must be cultivated and perfected – The Strad

from The Collaborative Piano Blog


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